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Productos principales:Cuidado de ojos/cuidado de la cara/cuidado corporal/cuidado del cabello/Cuidado del cuello, cuidado de la piel cuidado corporal, cuidado de la salud del cabello, Cosméticos de maquillaje, cuidado de las manos y los pies cuidado de las uñas cuidado de los dientes
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The headquarters of Yunnan Xi Bai Jia Cosmetic CO.,Ltd is located in the beautiful spring city of Kunming, where is known as the kingdom of animal and plant, and the manufacture, warehouse and logistics are in the modern international port Shenzhen City. It is a specialized processing factory which engaged in the research, development, production, sales, service and OEM/ODM/OBM of beauty makeup and daily chemical products. Complies with the international standard production process, the factory owns the latest international modern automatic production equipment, 100,000 level of aseptic purification production workshop, strong technical research and development team, as well as professional product planning talents. The main products of the company include facial care (treatment and maintenance), body care (efficacy and maintenance), health care, bathing&washing, cosmetics & cosmeceuticals, etc. As the pioneer and leader of Yunnan E-commerce, our company has comprehensive experience in the field of cross-border B2B and B2C. In addition to our own online and offline flagship stores, we also have a professional OEM/private label service team, which includes domain name, trademark registration, website construction, logo, packaging design, advertising planning, marketing guidance and other all-round services. Therefore, we can professionally create your own brand and market for you.